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The People 14 - Lee, Ok-Lan

72.8x53.1x19.7 inches (h x w x d)
cotton, cotton cloth

"A person meets many people while living. Those who remember each other hold a point in common in their souls. The story made by the time, space and energy held in common is an important motive of memory. I express the image of people from memory by my work. It is meeting people, remembering, creating their image and meeting again.

I form people I have met using needle and thread and soft materials of cotton and cloth. The cotton and cloth effectively express the soft and fluffy image of the skin and body. The tactile process of sewing leads me to discover unknown features of the person more deeply as I form their wrinkles, eyes, expressions and habits.

And I meet them again."

--Artist Statement, translated by Taiga Ermansons (visual artist in USA)

The People 14-Lee, Ok-Lan
The People 14-Lee, Ok-Lan
Source: Digital Image
The People 14-Lee, Ok-Lan The People 14-Lee, Ok-Lan