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Kim, Soon-im

Other Names: κΉ€μˆœμž„


"My work shows events created at the point of 'encounter', through various forms. To express memories formed by the encounters between people and people perceived through memories, I used natural objects from the place (space) in which I remembered the person. For example, through the medium of stone (natural objects), by recording the place and time II met the stones, I tried to manifest how the encounters and its memories could generate values. Through 'the Space' series, which I have worked since 2003, I connected certain space (exhibition space) and its surroundings (natural environment, local people and their emotion through symbolization and rediscovered them as surrealistic images. The owner and the recorder of the memories is the artist, me. However, the method of expression comes from the place and its natural surroundings where the subject exists.

I think the subject, the place it exists and its natural surroundings are not different. As a woman grown up in a large Korean family and a traveler, I would like to express me accumulated memories and show the work through active exhibitions. And through those opportunities, I would like to express the ambivalent feeling that sometimes it is uncomfortable because it is too revealing and sometimes it is very comfortable and soft." -- Soon-im Kim, Artist statement

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