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The Space 12

Installation of 396 pieces of stones from Gihon river. Wool from Patricia who live in Johnson, VT USA.

"I'm looking for the space what is soft and warm then we can be cured for our soul.

This space is for rest of your spirit.

A year ago, I saw unbelievable snow and frozen nature which it seems like nobody survive. But it change so fast quietly. I had experience that the earth have how amazing spirit which is warm and soft but strong inside from my window of this studio. So I drew it then I try to express by this material what people who live here use it for warm for cold winter.

You may see cloud, wind, snow, river, fog or just spirit of nature from this space.

Or, you can see just wool from sheep. you can feel smell, touch of animal or there spirit. Anything what you feel is in here.
Peacefully, you enjoy this space. I wish you can meet with soft and warm your soul. "

--Artist Statement


ecological art
The Space 12
The Space 12
Source: Digital Image
The Space 12 The Space 12