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Behold the Messenger Raw and Cooked

sewn drawing

"The fabrics I use derive their patterns directly or indirectly from 18th century France, 19th century England, classical China as well as chinoiserie, 19th century contemporary Japan, 20th century and contemporary Europe, America, India, and Africa, classicism, impressionism, art deco, modernism, post modernism, popular culture, pop culture, folk art, photography, natural history, computer art, and kiddie kulture. My sewn drawings reflect and refract the cultures of the patterns they contain.

[...]My sewn drawings are messengers from the future, raw and cooked, full of patches and sutures, odors and stings. Their imagery conveys mixed meanings, even to me."--artist's statement for "A Film Documenting My Process, Entitled 'Behold the Messenger Raw and Cooked'"


adhesive; cloth; thread
Behold the Messenger Raw and Cooked
Source: Digital image