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Installation view of Discrete Terrain: Windows on Five Emotions at Wadsworth Antheneum Museum

18x6 inches (h x w x d)
3-channel digital video installation

This work invites the viewer to the inner world of twelve individuals who participated in a study on the
brain basis of emotions. The artist created animations in which shape, movement, and sound of a 3D
plane are based on the EEG (electroencephalogram) data of the subjects during five emotional states
(anger, joy, fear, sadness, and disgust). The working idea was to make inner subjective states visible as
external topography, experienced by the viewer as a journey through otherworldly terrain. Each emotion
is visible in the above order at approximately eight second intervals. Data by Dr. James Coan, Affective
Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Virginia. Sound by Manly Romero.
Online link to Mockup of installation: https://vimeo.com/4401522
Online link to Right Channel:


computer graphics
Installation view of Discrete Terrain: Windows on Five Emotions
Source: Digital Image
Discrete Terrain: Windows on Five Emotions, 3-channel digital video installation, 5 min 29 sec, with sound, dimensions approx. 6 ft high x 18 ft wide