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  1. Cabana Pickets Cabana Pickets (Work) by Hom, Mei-Ling (1990)

    Materials and Techniques: sculpture

    Subjects: structures (single built works); Wilkes-Barre

    Local Subjects: Hom, Mei-Ling

  2. 15 Brush Strokes 15 Brush Strokes (Work) by Zhao, Sui Kang (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: wall sculpture

    Subjects: brush strokes; structures (single built works); three-dimensional

    Local Subjects: spirit; The Chinese Brush; Zhao, Sui Kang

  3. Yellow House Yellow House (Work) by Paik, Younhee (1988)

    Materials and Techniques: oil on canvas

    Subjects: houses; Nature; stairs; structures (single built works); symbolism (artistic concept); symbols

    Local Subjects: Paik, Younhee

  4. Color of Life Color of Life (Work) by Jo, Sook Jin (1999)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media sculpture

    Subjects: geometric patterns; grids (layout features); Jo, Sook Jin; structures (single built works)

  5. Meditation Space Meditation Space (Work) by Jo, Sook Jin (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: site specific sculpture

    Subjects: flora (plants); Jo, Sook Jin; Nature; structures (single built works)

  6. Building "Building" (Work) by Lee, Colin Loy (1999)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media painting

    Subjects: Nature; structures (single built works)

    Local Subjects: Lee, Colin