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  1. Untitled #4 Untitled #4 (Work) by Yoda, Junko (1982)

    Materials and Techniques: painted paper

    Subjects: collages (visual works); color; paper (fiber product)

    Local Subjects: Yoda, Junko

  2. Cut paper work by Toby Barnes Cut-paper work by Toby Barnes (Document) by Barnes, Toby (0000)

    Original cutout paper work sent by the artist

  3. Postcard for exhibition of Fiber Art. Fiero, Kotani & Kim (Document) by Kim, Soon-im (2007)

    Postcard announcing an exhibition at Asian American Arts Centre, featuring the artists Soon-Im Kim, Akiko Kotani, and Columbia Fiero.

  4. Artist Book (Document) by Kim, Soon-im (2008)

    Catalogue of Soon-im Kim's work.