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  1. With the Staff of Life With the Staff of Life (Work) by Chong, Albert V. (1982)

    Materials and Techniques: black and white silver gelatin print

    Subjects: Chong, Albert; flora (plants); men (male humans); motion; nudes (representations); nudity; portraits; self-portraits

  2. In Between In Between (Work) by Kim, Shin il (2005)

    Materials and Techniques: 1' 43" loop, DVD, video projector

    Subjects: men (male humans); motion; projections (visual works); space (composition concept)

    Local Subjects: Kim, Shin-Il

  3. Bow (detail) Bow (Work) by Kim, Shin il (2001)

    Materials and Techniques: Pressed Line on Paper

    Subjects: men (male humans); motion; silhouettes; white (color)

    Local Subjects: bow; Kim, Shin-Il; Saltworks Gallery

  4. Untitled #P-17 Untitled #P-17 (Work) by Yoda, Junko (2002)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic and rice paper

    Subjects: ecology; motion; organic

    Local Subjects: Yoda, Junko

  5. CBC (Complete Blood Counts) CBC (Complete Blood Counts) (Work) by Liou, Jawshing Arthur (2003)

    Materials and Techniques: High definition display, stereo sound installation

    Subjects: blood (animal material); infants; motion; red

    Local Subjects: body; Liou, Jawshing Arthur