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  1. Choi Encyclopedia, pg 1 Article "Sung-Ho Choi" by Kara Kelley Hallmark in Encyclopedia of Asian American Artists, 2007 (Document) by Choi, Sung Ho (2007)


  2. Mei-Ling Hom's Biography, pg 1 Artist Biography (Document) by Hom, Mei-Ling (0000)
  3. Kwok Biography Artist Biography (Document) by Kwok, Mang Ho (0000)

    Hand-collaged biography.

  4. Artist Bio "Bivas Chauduri, Geometric Abstraction" by Cecilia Levin (Document) by Chaudhuri, Bivas (0000)

    Artist Bio "Bivas Chauduri, Geometric Abstraction" written by Cecilia Levin, Art Historian, Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

  5. Letter to AAI, pg 1 Letter to Asian Arts Institute, December 13, 1987 (Document) by Melnick, Leah (1987)

    Letter from artist Leah Melnick to Asian Arts Institute describing the project "From Cambodia to Bronx" for Melnick's upcoming exhibition at Asian Arts Institute.

  6. Ram Kumar Panday's Biography Artist Biography (Document) by Panday, Ram Kumar (0000)
  7. Alfonso Ossorio's Biography, pg 1 Artist Biography (Document) by Ossorio, Alfonso A. (0000)

    Excerpt from brochure of Ossorio Foundation.

  8. Artist Biography Artist Biography (Document) by Wang, C. C. (0000)
  9. Seong Moy: Recent Paintings, flyer Exhibition flyer for "Seong Moy: Recent Paintings", Grand Central Moderns, 1962 (Document) by Moy, Seong (1962)

    Exhibition flyer for "Seong Moy: Recent Paintings" at Grand Central Moderns, New York City, from Apr. 21-May 16, 1962.

  10. Sook Jin Jo's artist biography, pg 1 Artist Biography (Document) by Jo, Sook Jin (0000)
  11. Eiko Kijima's Artist Statement for Perceptions Artist Statement(s) (Document) by Kijima, Eiko (0000)
  12. Lianjie Zheng's Artist Statement, pg 1 Excerpt from Artist Statement (Document) by Zheng, Lianjie (0000)

    Excerpt from career narrative by the artist

  13. Yoshiko Shimada's biography Artist Biography (Document) by Shimada, Yoshiko (0000)