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  1. Restaurant Restaurant (Work) by Chin, Alan (1992)

    Materials and Techniques: color photograph

    Subjects: Chinatown (neighborhood); San Francisco (inhabited place); middle class; red; restaurants; women

    Local Subjects: Chin, Alan

  2. Red Hole Red Hole (Work) by Zheng, Lianjie (1993)

    Materials and Techniques: performance art and installation

    Subjects: documentation (function); red

    Local Subjects: Zheng, Lianjie

  3. Present Present (Work) by Watanabe Spiller, Micki (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: site specific installation

    Subjects: couches (reclining furniture); life; red; textiles; time; windows

    Local Subjects: Watanabe Spiller, Micki

  4. Men In Red Kimono Men In Red Kimono (Work) by Miyamoto, Kazuko (1991)

    Materials and Techniques: hand tinted photograph

    Subjects: color; kimonos; men (male humans); Nature; red

    Local Subjects: Miyamoto, Kazuko

  5. CBC (Complete Blood Counts) CBC (Complete Blood Counts) (Work) by Liou, Jawshing Arthur (2003)

    Materials and Techniques: High definition display, stereo sound installation

    Subjects: blood (animal material); infants; motion; red

    Local Subjects: body; Liou, Jawshing Arthur

  6. Red 2/18 Red 2/18 (Work) by Lee, Sang Nam (2000)

    Materials and Techniques: acrylic on canvas

    Subjects: circles (plane figures); color; red

    Local Subjects: Lee, Sang Nam