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  1. Howard Howard (Work) by Yuen, Charles (1981)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed-media installation

    Subjects: color; faces (animal components); heads (representations); men (male humans); stereotypes

    Local Subjects: rice paddy hat; slanted eyes; Yuen, Charles

  2. Framing an American Identity Framing an American Identity (Work) by Arai, Tomie (1992)

    Materials and Techniques: site-specific installation

    Subjects: histories; identity; mass media; race (concept); stereotypes; violence

    Local Subjects: Arai, Tomie; Executive Order 9066; internment; racial violence

  3. Self Portrait Self Portrait (Work) by Arai, Tomie (1983)

    Materials and Techniques: mixed media on paper

    Subjects: identity; self-portraits; stereotypes; women

    Local Subjects: Arai, Tomie

  4. Beauty Pageants Beauty Pageants (Work) by Nakagawa, Osamu James (1992)

    Materials and Techniques: Type-C print

    Subjects: deterioration; drive-in theaters; histories; icons; stereotypes

    Local Subjects: American dream; Nakagawa, Osamu James; preconceptions

  5. hello... sayonara hello... sayonara... (Work) by Nakagawa, Osamu James (1997)

    Materials and Techniques: Ilfojet Archiva Inkjet Print

    Subjects: communication (function); fish; identity; Nature; stereotypes; water

    Local Subjects: carps; cherry blossom; Nakagawa, Osamu James; preconceptions; wabi sabi