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Deep Within Your Veins


"This installation used pop culture images of otherness to make a point about technology, fear, and cultural 'authenticity'. Viewers were asked to fill out a questionnaire on the brochure and drop it into a plexiglass box. The installation was composed of: 1) ambient muzak [a pleasant version of La Bamba composed by Chris Velasco], 2) a closed circuit camera focussed on a newspaper image of Cuban refugees, 3) monitors mounted at ceiling height playing surveillance footage of the museum premises, 4) a rack of printed brochures [collaboration between Carl DiSalvo and Jane Tsong], 5) stantions and ropes, 6) a collage of newspaper clippings on the theme of otherness, technology, and aliens (domestic and extra-terrestrial), 7) a video in which 27 people who were racially 'other' were asked to say anything they wanted, then smile and say, 'Drink Coca-Cola', 8) soda cans, many painted over with forged Coca-Cola logos."
-- Jane Tsong


Deep Within Your Veins
Deep Within Your Veins
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Installation view at MAEP Gallery, Minneapolis Institute of the Arts
Deep Within Your Veins Deep Within Your Veins