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Clear Creek Water Flowing

mixed media installation

"With the four characters of the title, one can start from any word, and read clockwise or counter-clockwise. All ways give a similar artistic conception. This highlights an important aspect of Chinese culture, which is its use of implications without exact description.

"At the center of the gallery stands a broken half of an old wood bridge. Surrounding it are four TV monitors, each one showing a program of one of the words: flowing creek clear water. Th particular word, in English and Chinese, is written in ink on a roll of rice paper. Some sections had only a single word, some had a group, with the direction or angle of the words changing. The camera changes is pace as it moves over a roll of rice paper with the calligraphy, as a rhyme scheme of running water. Accompanying each of the visulas on the monitors is a distinctive sound of running water." -- Artist's description

Clear Creak Water Flowing
Source: Slide