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hello... sayonara...

16x48 inches (h x w x d)
Ilfojet Archiva Inkjet Print

"This series of images consists of photographs of Floating Carps and Cherry Blossom Petals/Flowers on pavement. The purpose of this installation is to surround the viewer in a sensory metaphorical space of cultural ambiguity. In other words, the combination would allow the viewer to situate themselves in a place of 'cultural in-betweenness' which, I hope, would allow them to begin questioning not only their own cultural baggage and position but also allow for the investigation of an "other's" position. The underlying implication being to raise questions on the notions of belonging/homeland and where-in those definitions are based."
-- Osamu James Nakagawa


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hello... sayonara
hello... sayonara
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Installation view (21 images)
hello... sayonara hello... sayonara