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Tai Chi

144x312x300 inches (h x w x d)
mixed media installation

"Tai chi primarily consists of 50 television screens and a sound controlled light box in the shape of a ying-yang symbol. The TV screens and a sound controlled light-box in the shape of a yin-yang symbol. The TV screens form a frieze along the four walls of the exhibition space. At the center of the space, the yin-yang symbol flashes like a dance floor in alternating colors of red/green. Western disco music plays in the background. The two paisleys and dots of the yin-yang symbol light up in six different combinations to the beat of the music. Surrounding the "dance floor" is a floor of old styled Chinese bricks."

"This installation illustrates two results of today's trend towards globalization. Although national boundaries no longer prevent vastly different cultures from tapping into the material and spiritual resources of one another, the original meaning and value of these resources often become redefined as they enter a new culture. At the same time, in accepting the new, the old has to view itself in relation to the new. By juxtaposing the old-styled Chinese bricks, the TV screens (images included), and the "high-tech" yin -yang lightbox, this installation draws the viewer's attention precisely to these results." -- Artist's description

Tai Chi
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